General Guidelines for Writing a Manuscript:  Template Download

 Submission of manuscript to IJHS:

Authors should submit their manuscript electronically in Microsoft word doc format to the editor to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accepted papers will be acknowledged and processed further, if the papers are rejected, the decision will be communicated to the corresponding author but the manuscripts will not be returned.

 Manuscript categories:

Original Research Articles

Review Articles/reports/ providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic.

Short communications

Case report/study

Technical Notes

 Preparation of Manuscript:

The manuscript should be limited up to 20 printed pages (one side only), typed on A-4 size paper with 1.15spacing.  The manuscript should be in standard order as: Title, abstract(about 300 words with keywords) , Introduction, materials and methods, Results, Conclusion, Acknowledgement and Reference(in case of research article) and Title, abstract(about 300 words with keywords) , Introduction and author have to give its review in detailed references with the same. Page number should appear in the lower right hand corner of each page


Title page should contain title (14 font), Author name(s) (11 font), affiliation of author(s)(10 font),` The font type should be in times new roman, justified, Single column.


abstract(10 font) should contain minimum six keywords, Headings and all data should be in 12 font. The font type should be in times new roman, justified, single column.


The Introduction should be brief and define the scope of the work in relation to other work done in the same field. Data should be in 11 font. The font type should be in times new roman, justified, double column.

 Materials and Methods
Materials and Methods should be complete enough and clearly describe the experiments and techniques used in the study. However, only truly new procedures should be described in detail; previously published procedures should be cited, and important modifications of published procedures should be mentioned briefly. Data should be in 11 font. The font type should be in times new roman, justified, double column.

 Statistical Methods
The details of statistical tests used and the level of significance should be stated. Tubular and graphical data should be understandable.

Results should be combined and presented with simplicity and accuracy. Tubular and graphical data should be understandable.


It is important to discuss the new and significant observations in the light of previous work. Discuss also the weaknesses or pitfalls in the study.

State the conclusions in a few sentences in logical manner at the end of the paper. Conclusions must be drawn considering the strengths and weaknesses of the study in brief.

Author(s) may acknowledge the support obtained from institution/Universities/Govr/non gont. bodies in the study. Acknowledge only persons who have contributed to the scientific content or provided technical support. Sources of financial support should be mentioned.

 Figures and Tables:

Author always remember that they should provide the original figures and tabular data that should be in grayscale, If it has detailed description on colour in figure, in that case provide colour figures only . Each figure and table should include a appropriate number and caption.

Format of figure should be JPEG, GIF only with best resolution. Figures and Tables should be clearly visible and can be given within the manuscript.


Author’s / Co-author’s name or any other identification should not appear anywhere in the body of the manuscript to facilitate blind review.

References should be alphabetically ordered and it should be included after appropriate paragraph/sentence. Should not give the reference of unpublished articles.


1. Deshmukh, P. S, (1920), Title of paper, Journal of biological. Vol-7,issue2, pg 199-204

After receiving the publication charges, page proofs will be sent to Authors for corrections in the accepted article. Authors are requested to submit the error corrected proofs within 72 hrs to avoid delays in publication. Authors will be charged extra for major changes made within the proofs. Authors can use these proofs as publication of paper for any urgency in their career improvement/interview. PDF reprints will be sent electronically to corresponding author.

 Copyright constrains:

Manuscripts submitted to journal should not been already published, presented and submitted elsewhere. Publisher will get all copyright of the paper when that paper accepted for publication. If manuscript published already then the IJHS publishers have the legal right to take appropriate action against the author(s).

 Scope of the work from:

Health Sciences, Dental Sciences, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Neurology, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Anesthesiology, Community Medicine, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Paramedical sciences, Nursing, Health and Hospital Management, Genetics, Biodiversity & Conservation, Pathology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Occupational and Environmental sciences, Molecular Biology, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Dietetics & Nutrition, Yoga etc.


Citing a journal:

Gordon, A.Merenstein, J.H., D Amico, F.and Hudgens, D.1998.The effects of therapeutic touch on patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Journal of Family Practice. 47(4):271-277.

Citing a book:

Pamela K. Levangie, Cynthia C. Norkin; ‘Joint structure and function’, 4th edn: 12, p.541.

 Copyright Policy

All rights are reserved with IJHS. All the authors must sign a copyright transfer form sent by IJHS before publication of articles.

 Publication Charge

Authors will be required to pay INR 2700/- (from India) or US$ 100.00 (from countries other than India) for each manuscript accepted before publication. All the payment must be done by Net Banking (NEFT) as instructed by editor. Other modes of payment Western Union, Money Gram are also accepted by IJHS.

 Address for Correspondence

All correspondence to editor should be done by email at following ID.

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.