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Comparison and Evaluation of modified TBL method of teaching versus tutorial method in pharmacology among slow learners of 2nd year medical undergraduates


BACKGROUND: A slow learner is one who has the ability to learn necessary academic skills ,but at rates and depth below same age peers.[1] These students have learning difficulties which tend to increase, if the teaching is not suitably graded to their slower rate of progress, and modified to achieve the most effective ways of learning.[2]As there is a need to introduce variety in teaching learning method for slow learners, which will make their learning more interesting , remembering ,repetitive type ,the current study is planned. The aim of the present study is to compare and evaluate the modified TBL method of teaching with that of tutorial method of teaching in pharmacology among slow learners of 2nd year medical undergraduates.

METHODOLOGY: A total of 24 slow learners from II MBBS repeater batch were included in the study. Out of 6 classes, first 3 classes were taught by modified TBL method and next 3 classes were taught by tutorial method. Students taught by modified TBL underwent with IRAT,GRAT and application based exercises like discussion of 2 clinical cases with previous university exam questions covering the topic, and drug of the week. Four teams of students were constituted by six students in each team .On the day of teaching session, topics were discussed in the presence of the faculty facilitator. Students evaluated these teaching sessions through questionnaire. RESULTS: 83 % of slow learners felt that the modified TBL sessions were better at fulfilling learning objectives , enabled better understanding(83%) , were more interesting(87%) ,ensured greater student participation and involved greater effort on the part of students( 91%), as compared to traditional tutorial teaching methods. Most of the students( 96%) opined that more modified TBL sessions should be organized in the future.CONCLUSIONS:Modified TBL method of teaching improves the learning ability & learning outcomes of the slow learners when compared with tutorial method of teaching

Key words : pharmacology teaching, tutorials, modified team based learning


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