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An Investigation into Concepts of Uroscopy as Viewed by Renowned Unani Physicians


Objectives: The aim of this review study is to evaluate the concepts of uroscopy as viewed by Buqrat, Jalinoos, Razi and Ibn Sina.Materials & Methods: In this review study, we reviewed Al-Qanoon fil Tibb by Ibn Sina, Al-hawi by ZakariaRhazi, Corpus Hippocraticum,some other books of ancient Unani physicians and philosophers, journals, periodicals and manuscripts.Result:A thorough study of the writings of ancient physicians reveals that despite restrictions and limitations of antiquity, theytheorized that urine is a liquid window through which physicians could view the body's inner workings. Numerous physiologic theories arose from uroscopy. By uroscopy they not only diagnosed the pathological conditions, but they were able to predict some upcoming ailments also. In this review study, it was found that the principles of detecting illnesses through urine by the ancient physicians are very scientific and it opened doors for chemical, microscopic and molecular studies.


Keywords: Uroscopy, Buqrat, Jalinoos, Razi, Ibn Sina.


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