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Treatment of Urticaria in Allopathic and Unani Medicine: A Comparative Study


Urticaria is one of the most frequent skin diseases. It is characterized by pruritic wheal & flare-type skin reactions with or without angioedema that usually persist for <24 h. In some patients, only angioedema is present.Urticaria has a profound impact on quality of life & effective treatment is, therefore, required.Abul Hasan Ahmed Bin Rabban Tabri(994 B.C.) had insisted to treat Urticaria comprehensively in his book ‘Moalijat- e- Buqratiya’& he labelled “hakims who neglect Urticaria as illiterate hakims” as the terrible prognosis of urticaria according to Hakim Tabri is Loss of function of organs.Urticaria /angioedema occur in 15 to 25% of individuals at some times during their life and can affect both genders and all races.Due to frequent relapses, treatment for shara is chellengeinfront of medical system. In this paper an effort has been made to do comparative study of treatment of Urticaria in Allopathic & Unani System of Medicine.


Keywords: Urticaria , Unani, Allopathic, Wheals, Treatment


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